AltMOUSE | Keyboard Shortcut Software

AltMOUSE is intuitive keyboard shortcut software that teaches employees the most valuable keyboard shortcuts based on the tasks they carry out most frequently with the mouse.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Discomfort Caused by Mouse Use

AltMOUSE helps office based employees achieve time savings and greater workstation comfort by teaching them keyboard shortcuts in real time, as they work. Keyboard shortcuts are 30% faster than using a mouse so employees very quickly see a time saving benefit as they learn their most beneficial shortcut keys. In fact, most users will cut mouse usage in half within a month, which is better for their health and their work rate.

Why use AltMOUSE keyboard shortcut software?

AltMOUSE shortcut software
  • Personalised training for each employees based on the shortcuts of most value to them
  • Employees learn and improve in real-time
  • Employees are taught a few shortcut keys at a time
  • Once AltMOUSE recognises the current shortcuts being adopted, the next most beneficial are promoted for learning
  • Keyboard shortcuts are 30% faster than using the mouse for the same task
  • AltMOUSE halves discomfort causing mouse use within a month

Find out more about AltMouse and unlock the health benefits and productivity gains of this keyboard shortcut software

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