An exclusive partnership between Cardinus and Efficiency Software has added exciting new products to the Cardinus range for the UK market. The display screen equipment (DSE) software from Efficiency Software complements Cardinus’ own DSE e-learning and risk assessment solution; Workstation Safety Plus.

Efficiency Software’s solutions; AltMOUSE and CtrlWORK offer the dual benefit of reducing the risk of workstation discomfort while increasing productivity by a minimum of 15 minutes per employee each day.

AltMOUSE tracks an individual’s mouse behaviour and suggests the alternative time-saving keyboard shortcuts for the tasks the employee carries out most often. Because 60 per cent of computer time is spent using the mouse, learning keyboard shortcuts has a big impact on efficiency. Keyboard shortcuts are on average 30% faster than completing the same task with a mouse. AltMOUSE offers unique on the job training: learning this new skill while performing the regular working routine. AltMOUSE reduces unhealthy mouse use by 50% massively reducing the risk of discomfort.

CtrlWORK reminds employees to take breaks from intense computer usage using friendly, user-tailored reminders and by providing feedback on working habits. Taking regular breaks before tiredness and fatigue set in results in higher levels of concentration and fewer mistakes being made. Taking breaks from intense computer work is a key requirement of the Health & Safety Executive’s DSE regulations.

Both Cardinus and Efficiency Software aim to reduce discomfort and pain, and improve productivity and compliance. The fit with the Cardinus range of existing ergonomic solutions is perfect and we are pleased to be able to offer such high quality complementary products.

By adopting the methods taught in the AltMOUSE and CtrlWORK training it is possible to gain an additional hour’s productivity every day and at the same time reduce strain and pain among your employees.

For more information or to book an online demo of AltMOUSE and CtrlWORK visit us on stand P2300 at this years Safety & Health Expo at ExCel, 17th-19th June or call 020 7469 0200 or complete the online contact form.

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