Summer traffic jam Cardinus Risk Management has prepared a bullet point checklist for drivers and fleet operators facing a summer of disruption across the UK.

Acting on the advice could save motorists time and money and is essential reading for everyone driving for work over the next few weeks.

John Davidge, head of fleet technical at Cardinus Risk Management, said, “We get used to cool, wet weather in the summer, so when we get a hot spell it can catch out some drivers. But even if we don’t get too much heat to contend with, there will be no escaping the effect of the Olympics this summer. I predict a fair amount of disruption and I hope our advice will help everyone keep cool, whatever the weather.”

John Davidge’s advice for motorists during the summer sporting spectacular:

  1. The Olympic Torch relay – coming soon to a traffic jam near you. Are you prepared for the jams it WILL cause? will tell you where not to go, day by day.
  2. The Olympics is a ‘public transport’ only event with absolutely NO parking at the event locations. Plan ahead and remember to allow for substantial security delays getting into the venues. For those of us not attending, stay well clear.
  3. In London consider the effects of ‘Olympic Road Network’ – much longer ‘greens’ at traffic lights on the through road will increase delay and frustration on the minor roads so why go that way?
  4. Having been to the main event, the number of tourists holidaying in the UK afterwards will be higher than usual. What if that car ahead is a hire car driven by someone who has never been to the UK before?
  5. When the engine stops, so does the aircon. Rising temperatures lead to mistakes. If you are delayed or diverted, will you have enough fuel to keep going?
  6. Peak District, the Lakes, the coast, or London – one thing we can guarantee is a queue of traffic. Have you planned your timing to take account of delays?
  7. Arriving at your chosen location, have you got change for parking? Or will you be held up dashing around to find some?
  8. Fatigue leads to collisions; a common cause is simply dehydration. Take plenty of water in the car so you are not caught out whilst in a queue, it’s cheaper than a service area.
  9. You might have aircon or climate control in your car but not everybody is that fortunate. ‘Hot and bothered’ leads to frayed tempers, mistakes, crashes. Will you be ready for the errors of those around you? Leave space for their problems not to affect you.
  10. Reliability breeds complacency but even the best car needs servicing. Do it now before you get caught out. Breakdown services will be stretched, better not to need them, but do you have your membership information to hand if you need it?
  11. With a little forward planning and careful preparation, the risks can be managed. You can enjoy a good day out in the sun, if it shines.

Cardinus Risk Management has been producing and supplying risk management services since 1995. Its customers include many of the world’s leading organisations, a large number of small and medium-sized organisations and central government departments.

The Cardinus approach to effective management of occupational road risk is to provide an end-to-end service incorporating software, auditing, consultancy and face-to-face training as required.

Cardinus Risk Management offers a wide range of products and services, from online ‘Safe Driving Plus’ risk assessment and e-learning, in-vehicle practical training through to providing fully outsourced occupational road risk management services.

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