COVID-Secure Marshal Training | Train Marshals in COVID-19 Science, Behavioural Safety and Risk Assessment

COVID marshals will be trusted to provide reliable information, understand control measures, deal with conflict and take appropriate action to incidents. These responsibilities can be complex and fraught and create challenges in local communities.

COVID-Secure marshal training seeks to give marshals a rigorous understand of COVID-19 to instil confidence in their work, while also providing risk assessment and behavioural techniques to keep marshals safe and reduce risk.


The main duties of a COVID-secure marshal are providing information to the public about COVID-19, the virus and how it’s spread, understanding control measures to combat the virus, dealing with difficult situations when advising the public and taking action when required.

This course teaches marshals how to carry out the role of the COVID marshal effectively. It increases the level of knowledge of a COVID marshal and allows them to perform their role more successfully.

What’s In Our COVID Marshal Training Course?

The training is led by Andy Neal, a global security and training specialist and Dr Claudia Calder, an immunologist and biological safety specialist, who will take your COVID-secure marshals through COVID safe training and real-world situations, using case studies and their experiences of working in a COVID world.

The course covers an introduction to COVID, how to risk assess in a COVID environment, building self-assurance, delivering a service, communicating effectively, defusing, calming and good body language, high-risk conflict, post-incident considerations and creating action plans.

COVID-Secure Marshal Training.

▫️ Understand the science behind COVID
▫️ Face-to-face and virtual training
▫️ Tailored to your organisation, people and community
▫️ Build behavioural and risk assessment awareness

COVID-Secure Marshal training is a tailored programme to help marshals receive the knowledge they need to undertake their responsibilities more effectively in a difficult and challenging time. With real-world situations and case studies, this course gives practical and useful advice and learning to support your organisation, people and community.

Support and empower your marshals with our expert trainers.

Andy Neal
Training Director

Claudia Calder
Consultant and Trainer
Health & Safety

Give COVID Marshals the Knowledge They Need to Perform Their Role Effectively

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