Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training | E-Learning Course

An equality, diversity and inclusion training course for your employees.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion E-Learning

Ensure employees understand and comply with their obligations and responsibilities, at both an individual and corporate level, under equality legislation.

How this e-learning course benefits you:

  • Build a stronger culture of equality, diversity and anti-discrimination
  • Easily roll out this programme to your employees
  • Encourage behaviour change among your employees
  • Manage content to express your own organisation’s values
Diversity, equality and discrimination
IIRSM Approved Course
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Use our e-learning program to raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion

  • Provides an outline introduction to equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Ensures staff understand the relevant terms and legislation
  • Helps organisations build a positive work environment for all employees
  • The management system helps you build and plan the process

Improving your organisation’s culture and provide a vital safety net

Our equality, diversity and inclusion training will help you to improve the understanding of this important topic within your workplace, creating a positive organisation-wide culture. In our PACE management system named training records provide a layer of protection for your organisation should the worst happen. Additionally our comprehensive reporting will enable you to identify users who either haven’t received training or require a refresher session ensuring you have no compliance gaps.

Find out more about our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training

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