Driver training is an effective way to deal with the rising cost of insurance as first-time and minor offenders face significant increases in premiums.

Lack of concentration is blamed for a large number of speeding offences and, according to Cardinus Risk Management, effective driver training can get to the root of the problem. Better concentration means a driver is also less likely to be involved in a collision, says Cardinus.

The advice comes at a time when business drivers are facing tougher financial penalties for committing what were previously considered minor driving offences. First-time speeding offenders are likely to face insurance premium increases of up to 20 per cent as insurers crack down on all drivers who break the law. Historically, a first speeding offence would have been overlooked by insurers. Now most companies load premiums after only one conviction.

John Davidge, head of fleet technical at Cardinus Risk Management, said, “We know most drivers don’t deliberately exceed the speed limit, it is typically caused by a loss of concentration. That same loss of concentration is why drivers are involved in collisions. Cardinus driver training focuses on not only recognising speed limits but raising driver awareness to reduce the potential for speeding tickets and accidents.”

Insurers are now able to link convictions for minor motoring offences with claims and this has led to a ‘get tough’ policy. A driver with one conviction is 40 per cent more likely to be subject to a claim than one with a clean licence, when all other variable are similar. This is according to one of the UK’s largest insurance underwriters.

Offences involving the hand-holding of a mobile phone are being treated particularly severely by insurers, with increases of more than 60 per cent being applied in some cases. Insurers have even refused to quote for drivers with mobile phone convictions, which obviously has serious implications for business drivers and company fleets.

Cardinus Risk Management driver training acts to improve driver concentration and help reduce the likelihood of a driver breaking the speed limit or being involved in a collision. It also increases driver awareness of the dangers and costs of illegal mobile phone activity.

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