Healthy Working | The Future of DSE E-Learning

Healthy Working is our latest, most comprehensive DSE training software to date. Developed in Partnership with the HSE’s Health & Safety Laboratory, it’s quickly becoming a world favourite.

IIRSM Approved Course

Our Customers Love Healthy Working.

Here’s Why You Should Get to Know Healthy Working:

  •  All new features, including multi-screen, mobile and tablet devices, flexible working, maternity and pregnancy and much more
  • Fully customisable with multi-language capability, giving full flexibility for your organisation
  • Teaches employees to fix their own problems, reducing workload and minimising company-wide risk
  • Our software has reached over 2,000,000 end users
  • Award-winning software developed with the Health & Safety Laboratory
  • An IIRSM approved course

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Cardinus | Healthy Working
Screenshots from DSE e-learning software Healthy Working

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