hsl safety climate tool

Measuring Safety Culture with the HSL Safety Climate Tool

Use the Health & Safety Laboratory’s Safety Climate Tool to measure your organisation’s safety culture.

Identify and Improve Your Organisation’s Safety Culture

HSL safety climate tool

The Health & Safety Laboratory Safety Climate Tool measures employee perception on health and safety issues, offering a unique insight into the safety culture within an organisation. It can be applied across industries of all sizes, from SME to large corporates. Multi-site companies can also use it to look at different sites or business units. From this understanding improvements can be identified and made to reduce accidents and improve performance, reliability, competitiveness and even employee morale.

hsl safety climate tool

Why the Safety Climate Tool is Beneficial to Your Business

  • Raises the profile of health and safety, engaging the workforce to talk about issues
  • Captures sensitive information as participants respond anonymously
  • Enables active management of health and safety, highlighting areas of concern and good practice
  • Enables the evaluation of whether health and safety initiatives have had a positive impact


Health & Safety Laboratory Safety Climate Tool uses eight key factors, which have been mapped around 40 statements to measure employee’s attitudes on health and safety issues. The Safety Climate Tool automatically analyses the data to produce a series of charts and allows detailed filtering.

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