Charities are being given a helping hand with their health and safety policies as Cardinus Risk Management offers them free licences for its award-winning health and safety software. With no sign of economic recovery in sight, charities struggle to make every penny count. But protecting their employees and volunteer workers is still a legal requirement.

Cardinus Risk Management has decided to offer registered UK charities free licences to its Workstation Safety Plus e-learning software to help them deliver effective health and safety policies and save money.

Jon Abbott, managing director – ergonomics and safety at Cardinus Risk Management, said, “We know charities are being hit by the state of the economy so we decided to help them reduce their costs. Free licences represent a significant saving.

“Of course, that is just the start of the benefits. Following the implementation of Workstation Safety Plus, employees and volunteers will be healthier, happier and more productive. And with charities that means more of their precious donations get through to the people who need them most.”

Charities will only have to pay for training, configuration, support and hosting, so an organisation with 500 workers will save £4,800. A charity with 1000 employees and volunteers will save £7,770.

This offer is only available to new customers until 1st September, 2012. Existing Cardinus customers should contact their Account Manager to discuss any incentives that may be available to them.

Cardinus has been developing effective ergonomics programmes for more than 17 years. Its customers include many of the world’s leading organisations, central government departments and unions.

The Cardinus approach to effective ergonomic management is to apply simple programmes that provide a modular, adaptable solution. Workstation Safety Plus, the innovative online DSE assessment and e-learning solution, provides award-winning health and safety solutions that are fully endorsed by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management.

Cardinus provides on-site and telephonic DSE assessments and, when needed, will supply DSE triage and case management solutions. For more information about ergonomic risk management services and other Cardinus products telephone 020 7469 0200.

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