Do you ever catch yourself wondering what it will take to get your organisation and its staff on board with health and safety initiatives? Like many health and safety practitioners, Cardinus has spent many hours looking at the barriers to buy-in. We are confident we can help answer the questions people most often throw up to resist health and safety initiatives. To start with, we have an informative new white paper from our development partners; Health & Safety Laboratory, an agency of the Health & Safety Executive.

The white paper is titled “Making the Case for Culture” and can be requested free of charge here.

Derek Morgan, the HSL’s head of products says, “In the most common conversation we have with safety professionals they tell us that although they are convinced about the need for positive safety culture, they still struggle to convince others, even when the evidence is overwhelming. How do they convince their senior managers and their workforce? That’s what they ask us more than anything else.”

Regarding the white paper Derek goes on to explain, “Making the Case for Culture is the second in our series of papers about safety culture. With this white paper we focus on constructing a robust business case for measuring your safety culture.

“A positive safety culture is good for your business, not only from an ethical standpoint, but also in terms of productivity and efficiency. Decision-makers are usually motivated by one of three arguments: legal, moral and financial. In this paper we look at each of these three arguments and how to convince colleagues, up and down the management chain, of the value of a positive safety culture.”

Cardinus and our development partners help you to present the moral, legal and financial arguments for investing in improving safety culture. These are the arguments that win round senior managers and staff members alike. The reports and white papers Cardinus and our partners publish give you all the information and confidence you need to take your case to colleagues you need to help you make it happen.

By working with partners like HSL, Cardinus also give you access to valuable tools, such as the Safety Climate Tool, designed to assess attitudes towards health and safety in an organisation. There is plenty of evidence to show that companies and organisations with a good positive attitude to health and safety are more efficient and productive and have fewer health and safety incidents.

The Safety Climate tool will help to identify the parts of your business where the safety culture can be improved and leads to practical steps to help bring that about. The investment in a positive health and safety culture pays for itself many times over.

  • To request your free HSL white paper, Making the Case for Culture click here.
  • For more information on the Safety Climate Tool click here
  • To trial the Safety Climate Tool free of charge click here
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