CtrlWORK | Rest Break Software

CtrlWORK rest break software helps employees find their optimum work/rest rhythm, simultaneously improving their health and efficiency.

Help Employees Stay Energised and Productive All Day

CtrlWORK observes employee keyboard and mouse use, looking for sustained intense usage, which is both draining and leads to discomfort. If an individual works for too long without taking a natural break CtrlWORK will advise they take a pit-stop. As a result employee productivity increases as they sustain higher energy levels and better concentration for more of the day. In short they are able to achieve more in the same time with less effort.

CtrlWORK; working with the employee to improve health and productivity

CTRL rest break software

CtrlWORK can be set up to work with any individuals preferred way of working. No suggested breaks are mandatory; if users are too busy to pause pit-stop advice can be ignored. The difference being that they now know they need to take a break, soon bringing positive behaviour change. CtrlWORK provides regular performance feedback and every two weeks suggests setting changes so it continues to support the individual even as work patterns vary.

  • Developed using the findings of a number of scientific studies
  • During pit-stops CtrlWORK loads a variety of content to help users refocus before they continue working
  • Regular feedback tells users what they’re doing well and where they can improve
  • Highly configurable to ensure it works the way each individual wants and needs
  • Easily evidence your organisations return on investment

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