Here are some top tips to help children and students settle in to, or back in to school.

Implement a structured routine so that your child can adjust   

Create a routine for your child, for bedtime, mornings and after school. Implement this easy routine everyday so your child can adjust and make an easy transition into going back to school.

Familiarise your child with what will be involved in their day 

Talk to your child and familiarise them with what will be involved in their day, for example ‘you will meet your new teacher, make new friends, follow a timetable’.

Ensure they have everything that they will need 

Make sure they have all the equipment and accessories they will need, along with their school uniform and lunch meal.

Prepare this the night before to ensure a stress free morning. 

Listen to your child’s concerns and enforce age appropriate coping strategies. Many children may experience feelings of anxiety with the thought of starting or going back to school, change this emotion into a positive by reassuring them and providing positive energy ’you will meet lots of new friends’.

Use Healthy Working Move to educate them on safe technology use.

Children are using technology such as laptops, computers and tablets more and more in school. Additionally there is now more recreational technology such as games consoles, smartphones etc. available to them 24/7. Make sure they receive some practical advice on how to use these devices safely to avoid long term injury and fatigue with our free resources at

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