SitStandCOACH | Employee Sit/Stand Desk Coaching

SitStandCOACH maximises the benefits from your investment in sit/stand workstations by ensuring employees use this equipment properly.

Are You Using Your Sit/Stand Desk Correctly?

Using time-based intervals SitStandCOACH reminds users to alternate from sitting to standing throughout the day. Remembering to do this regularly is a massive change for employees that have been used to sitting at a desk all their lives. Without help these productivity and health-boosting tools will either not be used enough or used incorrectly, which can increase discomfort levels.


Help staff to become healthier and improve their efficiency

  • Teach users how to use sit/stand furniture to increase health and productivity
  • User and management reports on sitting and standing time, goal progress and calories burned
  • Control desk height using keyboard shortcuts
  • Preset favourite sit and stand desk height
  • Maximise your organisations investment in sit/stand furniture

Find out more about SitStandCOACH, the perfect accompaniment to sit/stand desks

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