Stress Management Training | E-Learning Course

Help employees manage stress, improve mental well-being and reduce absence.

Help to Combat Employee Stress with Two E-Learning Courses

Both Managing Stress at Work and our Stress Indicator help managers assess and manage employee stress to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity, while building a happier, healthier workforce.

How our solutions benefit you:

  • Assist your employees with mental health issues
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve productivity
  • Easy to roll-out, manage and assess
  • Analyse organisational stress
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Stress Management
Stress management

Why choose our employee stress management solutions?

  • Identify, manage and reduce employee stress at work
  • Reduce absence caused by employee stress
  • Help managers identify stress within their team early so that employees get help fast
  • Analyse stress across your organisation using the Stress Indicator
  • Identify locations, job roles and other criteria that cause more stress for your employees
  • Stress Indicator questionnaires can be anonymous or named
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Two great solutions for employee stress management

When dealing with how we approached the challenge of helping our customers manage stress we decided to aim our training at managers for a specific reason. Giving training on work-related stress to employees potentially suffering with the illness would have very little effect. The very nature of stress means that those suffering with it often struggle to identify the issue within themselves. By training their managers we found a way to ensure that the right people knew how to spot a colleague struggling with stress and give them the knowledge and tools to help them.

Topics covered include:

What is stress?

How does stress manifest itself within our teams?

What are the underlying reasons for stress?

What are the effects of stress?

How can we help to reduce stress in our teams?

The different levels of stress

Framework stress and live stress

Inherent stress

Stress Busters - A plan for working and managing differently

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