The latest government statistics show that in 2013 more than 42,000 vehicles being driven or ridden for work were involved in personal injury accidents with 515 people being killed. This is a significant figure particularly when compared to the HSE figure for fatal incidents at work in 2013/14 being 133.

The statistics also show that there were 47,602 casualties where the driver or riders main purpose was work. These figures show only a slight improvement on the 2010 figures were 540 people were killed and 54,689 injured.

Of the vehicles involved in personal injury accidents in 2013 over 78% involved cars (6419 were light goods vehicles or vans, 6234 heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and 24,632 were cars). This actually shows a significant increase compared to 2010 were cars were involved in 65% of such incidents.

Does this indicate that driver training and controls are improving for those vehicles seen as more traditionally ‘work vehicles’ i.e. light and heavy goods vehicles and organizations are still not addressing the risk from car drivers adequately?

The number of accidents resulting in death or injury involving people using a vehicle for work is significant and the pressure is growing on employers to act.

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