Safe Driving Programme FAQs

Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Who needs to complete the Safe Driving Programme and  obtain a permit to drive?

If you drive for work purposes for anything other than the usual commute between your home and office journey, including driving to other branches or courses and meetings, these are classed as business journeys. This means you need to complete the programme and obtain a permit. 

If you only drive between your home and a single place of work, this is classed as commuting. You don't need a permit and can opt out of the programme.  To opt out, you should launch the programme and click ‘register to programme’.  You should accept the policy wording then click to declare to you do not drive for business and would like to opt out.  Once you have clicked ‘finish’ you will have opted out and be recorded as a non-business driver.

Please note:  If you have previously registered as a business driver, please contact us by phone or email as we will need to re-set your profile to allow you to re-register and opt out.

I haven’t received the ‘Driver Sign Up for Continuum’ email (licence checking link)

This link is sent from [email protected] to your Barclays email address. 

This may take up to 10 days to come through to you. 

If this hasn’t arrived and is not in your junk/spam folder after 10 days, please contact us.


Alternatively, if you have access to a printer, you can complete a D906 form,which needs to be completed by hand to be processed.

This cannot be processed if there are any crossed out sections or errors.  

Click here to download the D906 form. If you have completed a D906 form, you do not need to complete the Driver Sign Up. Please submit your completed D906 form to [email protected] and include your name and BRID in the subject of the email.

I'm a non-GB licence holder

Northern Ireland

Complete DVA and D906 forms and email these to [email protected] 
including your staff number and name in the subject line. 

Other non-GB

Complete the D906 and non-UK Licence Attestation forms and email these to [email protected] with a copy of your licence (front and back) and the date you became a UK resident including your staff number and name in the subject line.  

Non-GB licence checks will take a minimum of 15 working days to be processed

If you have completed the D906 Form, you don't need to complete the eDeclaration.

My insurance is showing as insufficient

The following applies to drivers who are using their own private vehicle for business journeys.

Business cover is a legal requirement and is required to obtain the permit.

Your insurance has been returned as insufficient, this means that the certificate provided did not state that business use is included in your policy.

Please discuss this with your insurance provider and email your updated Certificate of Motor Insurance to [email protected]  

Need to speak to someone?

If the guidance above hasn't resolved your query, please check our help section or use the contact details below.

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