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The Essential Four-Page Guide to Risk Registers from Andy Hawkes

Connect Winter 2015, Don’t Gamble with Risk: 

The winter 2015 issue of Connect features a rather special guide on risk registers from Cardinus CEO Andy Hawkes. For those who don’t know, risk registers are a way of formalising the consideration of risk for organisations. This can then help to identify where organisational risk may occur and how to mitigate it.

Now, Connect wouldn’t be complete without a string of expert contributors, and our winter 2015 issue is no exception. Connexion2’s Craig Swallow discusses issues relating to lone worker alarm call centres, Cardinus’ John Davidge charts the history of road safety and Nicole Vazquez, at Worthwhile Training, tells employees how to keep safe on overseas business. We also take a look at defining risk, the adoption of technology in schools and colleges and the demise of the paper part of the driving licence.

Here’s what we’ve got in store for you:

  • Best-Laid Plans with the Adoption of Tech in Schools
  • Defining Risk
  • Business Traveler’s Tips
  • Tools to Improve Laptop Comfort and Productivity
  • Manual Handling on the Move
  • Plus articles from Cynthia Roth, James Bowden and more.

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