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H&S products and services to support staff and manage risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Choose from training, assessment, advisory and free learning.

Health and Safety Solutions

In this rapidly changing situation we’re all struggling to understand our health and safety exposure. We recognise the challenge and have put together impactful solutions to help meet these issues.

Whether you’ve got thousands of workers working from home, have to meet existing compliance requirements, have unattended workplaces, or have at-risk drivers that need training, we’re providing unique virtual and specifically-created assistance.

This page is a solution hub providing real services to meet your needs. If you’re looking for something specific that’s not featured below, get in touch with us here. We’re bound to be able to help.

Virtual and Face-to-Face Training for COVID-19 Risks

Support workers in the UK and globally with e-learning, virtual and face-to-face training.

Over the course of the pandemic we’ve put together a series of training and learning courses for homeworkers, those returning to work, commuting employees, safety teams, COVID marshalls and drivers to help reduce risk and support employees.

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Advisory Services for COVID-19

Get the support you need to to protect workers and your organisation.

At lot has changed this year and it can be difficult to ensure we’re making the right decisions. Our consultants have worked with many organisations on COVID-related support, helping get drivers back on the road and staff feeling safe to return. Here’s how we can help you.

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Virtual or face-to-face training for staff.

COVID Advisory

Dealing with the health and safety risks associated with COVID is time-consuming, ever-changing, and covers many areas of expertise. Our consultants have worked with many organisations, supporting them with COVID risks.

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Assess and Mitigate Worker and Organisational Risk

Support Workers where they are and help understand the risk from COVID.

This year we’ve expanded our virtual ergonomics risks assessments to 191 countries, and have found unique ways to support customers, such as developing bespoke assessment request portals. Our consultants are also available to provide COVID risk assessments for organisations.

See all our COVID-related risk assessment services below.

Understand the Risks Associated with COVID from Our Resource Hub.

A plethora of COVID-related resources to help customers understand the risk landscape

We’ve developed lots and lots of H&S COVID-related resources to help you understand the risks related to COVID. Choose from downloads, guides, articles, apps and more.

See all our free learning materials below.

Health and Safety Advice for Temporary Homeworkers

What are the risks surrounding temporary homeworkers? In this article we lay them all out, considering contractual arrangements, risk factors and more.

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DSE Regulations and Temporary Homeworker Assessments

We’re now recommending that temporary homeworkers should be risk assessed. Find out why we’ve changed our position.

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Family and Work Conflict When Working from Home

Week five. Family tension has risen, but how does that impact your staff and what should organisations do to help?

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Healthy Working App

Download our newly updated iOS and Android app, HealthyWorking. It provides practical advice on homeworking and ergonomics set up and includes 20 simple stretches to alleviate stiffness and lessen discomfort.

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What is Lockdown Fatigue?

What is lockdown fatigue and what are the 3 core elements in reducing stress and being positive during lockdown.

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Coronavirus Advice Tool from Champion Health

This free-to-use tool provides up-to-date advice on employee safety and mental health surrounding COVID-19. Updated daily. Send to your team now!

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Supporting those Working from Home

What support should you be providing to those working from home? We look at at-home workstations, the impacts of COVID-19, mental health strategies and more.

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Advice for Pregnant Temp Home Workers

Being pregnant while the COVID-19 virus spreads across the world must be a scary time, not only for pregnant colleagues but also for their families.

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Temporary Home Worker Email Templates

Download 8 free-to-use email templates covering stretching, sleep, medical emergencies, fire safety, comfort and more.

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Home Working Risks to Consider

Expanded information on employer considerations regarding the safety and legal implications of managing home working employees.

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COVID-19 Q&A: Your Questions Answered

We answer 27 H&S questions that you posed. Questions are answered on many subjects, including isolation, sleep, security and legislation.

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Working at Home and Mental Health

During these unprecedented times, many people find themselves working from home for the first time. What are the issues surrounding mental health?

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Considerations for Unoccupied Buildings

With the outbreak of COVID-19, and most office workers now working from home, there are lots of unoccupied building. What are the risks?

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Entering COVID-19 Positive Housing

Sending workers into COVID-19-positive housing? Then take a look at our guidance on what workers should be doing.

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Considering the Risks of Driving Tired

COVID-19 has provided extended driver hours, more stress and more pressure. Have you considered driver risk and tiredness?

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