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Health and Safety Advice and Guidance

In this rapidly changing situation we're all struggling to understand our health and safety exposure. We recognise the challenge and wanted to put together some resources and solutions to help meet these issues.

We want to stand with you at this time. We offer below a mix of free tools and advice and paid solutions from ourselves and our partners.

Whether you've got thousands of workers now temporarily working from home, have to meet existing compliance requirements, have unattended workplaces, or have at-risk drivers that need training, we're providing unique virtual and specifically-created assistance.

This page is a resource and solution hub providing best practice and advice. It'll grow as we learn more and can share that advice with you. You can find all of the articles here.

Working from Home E-Learning

E-learning that provides practical advice for temporary home workers, such as how best to work from a couch. It also covers fire and electrical safety, wellbeing and driver and personal safety.

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DSE Regulations and Temporary Homeworker Assessments

We’re now recommending that temporary homeworkers should be risk assessed. Find out why we’ve changed our position.

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Family and Work Conflict When Working from Home

Week five. Family tension has risen, but how does that impact your staff and what should organisations do to help?

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Healthy Working App

Download our newly updated iOS and Android app, HealthyWorking. It provides practical advice on homeworking and ergonomics set up and includes 20 simple stretches to alleviate stiffness and lessen discomfort.

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What is Lockdown Fatigue?

What is lockdown fatigue and what are the 3 core elements in reducing stress and being positive during lockdown.

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Coronavirus Advice Tool from Champion Health

This free-to-use tool provides up-to-date advice on employee safety and mental health surrounding COVID-19. Updated daily. Send to your team now!

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Supporting those Working from Home

What support should you be providing to those working from home? We look at at-home workstations, the impacts of COVID-19, mental health strategies and more.

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Laptop Equipment Kits from Osmond Ergonomics

To help support staff working with laptops, you can quickly send them a low-cost laptop kit package. Included is a laptop rise, keyboard and mouse, with three price options.

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Temporary Home Worker Email Templates

Download 8 free-to-use email templates covering stretching, sleep, medical emergencies, fire safety, comfort and more.

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Virtual Comfort Helpline for Homeworkers

Our helpline supports workers with pain and discomfort and teaches them how to set up in their home environment. This provides a low-cost, practical solution to reach home workers.

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Advice for Pregnant Temp Home Workers

Being pregnant while the COVID-19 virus spreads across the world must be a scary time, not only for pregnant colleagues but also for their families.

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Home Working Risks to Consider

Expanded information on employer considerations regarding the safety and legal implications of managing home working employees.

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Virtual Mentoring Coach to Support Employees

During these unprecedented times, many people find themselves working from home for the first time. For some this may be easy to adapt to, for others this could pose challenges.

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COVID-19 Q&A: Your Questions Answered

We answer 27 H&S questions that you posed. Questions are answered on many subjects, including isolation, sleep, security and legislation.

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Working at Home and Mental Health

During these unprecedented times, many people find themselves working from home for the first time. What are the issues surrounding mental health?

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Considerations for Unoccupied Buildings

With the outbreak of COVID-19, and most office workers now working from home, there are lots of unoccupied building. What are the risks?

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Entering COVID-19 Positive Housing

Sending workers into COVID-19-positive housing? Then take a look at our guidance on what workers should be doing.

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Considering the Risks of Driving Tired

COVID-19 has provided extended driver hours, more stress and more pressure. Have you considered driver risk and tiredness?

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Coronavirus Health and Safety FAQs

Can employers be prosecuted if employees are exposed to health and safety risks during this time?

In regards to the legal position for a response to the COVID 19 outbreak, SHP published an article on the 13th of March entitled 'COVID-19 Can employees be prosecuted if employees are exposed?'

We quote Paul Verrico from the article: “The message is simple: act responsibly and ethically, not out of fear of prosecution but out of a sense of an appropriate accountability to staff and customer stakeholders. Stay current and do all that's reasonably practicable based on government advice and in an everchanging situation.”

How can you bring staff together during times like these?

Try formal and regular conference or video calls for staff beyond your daily stand-ups or weekly round-robins. Why not look at doing a Friday post-drinks meet-up via video, or set up a WhatsApp chat group. We have buddied regular homeworkers with new homeworkers so that they can aclimatise. That way people can feel supported through the transition.

How can you identify employees at risk of mental health issues?

Keep communicating with your team, but also look at surveying team to assess the risk. You may require expertise from a clinician, but the most important thing you can do quickly is to maintain communication channels and ask once, and then ask them twice. It's proven very effective at getting people to open up.

What are the challenges of remote working?

Some of the basic challenges of remote working for an employer are, ‘do you know all of those who are remote working?’, ‘have you assessed the risks of home working?’, ‘do you have any kind of policy that supports remote working?’, and ‘do lone workers know where to find it?’. We would also recommend looking at training to meet the task(s), communication systems, and understand where your remote workers are working from.

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