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    Creating and Compiling a Risk Register

    Resource pack: guide to risk registers

    Most business managers have an instinctive understanding of the common risks they face, and will have taken mitigating action, sometimes without realising it. This ad-hoc approach affords some protection, but otherwise leaves the business open to risk.

    In this four-page guide Andy Hawkes goes over the main components of a risk register, setting out the case for building one as a foundational document to uncovering and protecting yourself from risk. Then you're giving tips on how to compile a register, along with a handy template to copy and the types of risk you might want to include. Finally you're given a scale of risk template to help you understand what types of risk you might want to invest in protecting against.

    Types of risk included in this document:

    • Materiality
    • Catastrophe
    • Exchange rates
    • Quality of service
    • Technological changes
    • Raw materials, energy, services and other bought-in items
    • Plus much more

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