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    Temporary Home Worker Email Templates

    Download our email templates for home workers.

    Many millions of employees across the globe are now working from home. This temporary event creates a large number of health and safety questions. Many of your staff will not have office-style setups and will have limited space to work in. Dining rooms, kitchen counters and couches are not conducive to good posture and comfort. And with young children, or dependents, in the home environment, there are huge challenges regarding psycho-social issues and employee welfare.

    We’ve been working hard to give health and safety managers valuable information to make their lives easier during this period of upheaval.

    To help, we've just launched 8 new temporary home worker email templates that are available for you to use right now as part of your comms programme.

    What do these templates cover?

    • Comfort in the home environment
    • Stretching
    • Sleeping well
    • Medical emergencies
    • Eating well
    • Fire safety
    • Communicating with colleagues
    • A personal plan

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