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    Building Sum Insured After the VAT Rise

    Advisory Notice #4:

    It has been our experience to date that very few properties are insured at their full rebuilding value. We have found there to be a wide variation between current sum insured and the measured valuation figures and while a few properties were overvalued the vast majority were found to be undervalued. In this advisory notice we look at how that relates to VAT and what it means to property owners.

    This advisory notice is part of a series of notices that aims to give property owners and managers the information they need to make right choices. Keep your eye on our updates to get more from Cardinus.

    We look at the following information:

    • Background to VAT
    • Information on the occupation of the property
    • Zero-rated building construction
    • Information from the VAT notice 708
    • Extract of guidance from a leader UK insurer

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