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Creating a positive and productive workplace

As we emerge from pandemic, organizations across the globe are facing with a new set of challenges, which will impact the way they work. This issue of Connect magazine will help you to support the physical and mental well-being of your workforce during this difficult period.

Cardinus Connect | Adapting to a Changing World, Issue 15

Adapting to a Changing World

A world changed by a pandemic. The workplace has changed, how will you adapt? We look at health, wellbeing and safety measures. Also, fire safety, driver tech and insurance news.

The Travel Issue | Thumbnail Front Cover

The Travel Issue

Tackling health, wellbeing and safety in travel environments, with articles on mindfulness, sleep deprivation, travel training and lots more!

Cardinus Connect | Issue 13

Building Resilience

How to help your workforce be more resilient, tyre safety, travel management and loads of other treats for your consumption.

Issue 12 of Cardinus Connect

A Call to Action

We call out to health and safety professionals everywhere to galvanise in reducing health risks for young staff. Plus, plenty of the usual great content!


The Prevention Business

Why prevention is better than the cure when it comes to ergonomics and health and safety, plus cyber security, why we make mistakes and much more.

Cardinus Connect risk management magazine summer 2017

Hand in Hand for Health

How ergonomics can work hand in hand with habit change for better health, plus choosing contractors, telematics and more.


Stand Up for Your Life

Advice on how to beat the hazards of the sedentary office, underinsurance and a whole lot more!


Pokémon K.O.

Discussing the latent health issues around Pokémon GO, plus plenty more!

Cardinus Connect Generation Pain magazine summer 2016

Generation pain

On the looming health issues of generation Y as they come into the workforce.


Pay back time

How ergonomics can pay you back and loads more.


The new rules

How smart working is changing the game for ergonomics.


Seating plan

The ultimate guide to buying office chairs.


New Tech, New Threat

Ensuring everyone from our kids to colleagues uses new digital technology safely and productively.


Don’t gamble with risk

Four-page guide to risk registers inside.


Count the shocking hidden costs

When you see how much collisions really cost, you’ll want to do something about it.


Drive to success

Advice on how to run a safe and efficient vehicle fleet from some of the UK’s best experts.

Organisational Resources

Passport to Protection – Travel Safety Handbook

Passport to Protection acts as your helping hand in negotiating travel safely and is the ideal companion for frequent domestic or international travellers.


Managing Driver Risks – Fleet Resource Pack

This resource pack is designed to help employers understand their responsibilities and manage their driver risk.


Backcare Awareness Resource Pack

You only have one back, treat it with respect. Download this pack and distribute its advice to your colleagues, friends and family.

Managing Driver Risk

Fleet Manager Resource Pack

Designed to help businesses understand their responsibility for anyone who drives for them, and to help those drivers stay safe on the roads.


Guide to risk registers

Cardinus CEO Andy Hawkes explains how one document can be the foundation of risk management best practice throughout a company.


Line Manager Handbook

Your Line Manager Handbook template.

Email Templates
Temporary Home Worker Email Templates

Temporary Homeworker Email Templates

8 email templates for temporary home workers, covering sleep, medical emergencies, fire safety, stretching, eating well, home comfort and more.

Wellbeing Email Templates | Cardinus

Wellbeing Email Templates

8 email templates to support the wellbeing of your workers, covering sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, movement, stress, breathing, work-life balance and more.

COVID-19 H&S Downloads
COSHH Assessment for COVID-19

COSHH Assessment for COVID-19

COVID-19 is a biological agent. Therefore a COSHH Assessment is required. Download it here.

Post-COVID Recovery Checklist

Post-COVID Recovery Checklist

Download the Post-COVID-19 recovery checklist, covering safety and security systems, facilities, planning, first aid and other considerations.

COVID-19 Return to Work Comms Plan

COVID-19 Return to Work Comms Plan

Need helping planning comms for returning to work? This plan covers target audiences, key messages, objectives, delivery methods, timings and status.

Return to Work Checklist for Facilities

Return to Work Checklist for Facilities Managers

Covering everything facilities managers need to think about in regards to returning to work after COVID-19.

COVID-19 Office Cleaning Checklist

COVID-19 Office Cleaning Checklist

An office cleaning checklist for COVID-19, covering information on how, what and where to clean. Download it here.

COVID-19 Vehicle Cleaning Checklist

COVID-19 Vehicle Cleaning Checklist

A vehicle cleaning checklist for COVID-19, covering information on how, what and where to clean. Download it here.

Visitor Health Questionnaire

Visitor Health Questionnaire

A questionnaire to provide to visitors to understand their health risks associated with COVID-19.

Physical Distancing Checklist

Physical Distancing Checklist

This document outlines the most important considerations to enact physical distancing in your workplace. Download it here.

5 Step Induction Process

5 Step Induction Process

The 5-step induction provides a process for returning to work and information on each of the mitigating factors in reducing the spread of COVID.

Respiratory Illness Symptoms Chart

Respiratory Illness Symptoms Chart

Understand the symptoms of different respiratory illnesses to help you and your colleagues know the signs of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Travel Risk Assessment

Travel Risk Assessment for COVID-19

Use the examples in this assessment to quickly build a travel risk assessment and understand what information should be stored within it.

Healthy Working Poster

3 Tips for Elated Arms and Unworried Wrists | Healthy Working Poster

Tips to help relieve arms and wrists and put a halt to aches and pains.


3 Tips for Monitor Happiness | Healthy Working Poster

Tips to help you get the ideal monitor setup.


Click, Click, Complete | Healthy Working Poster

Some useful shortcut keys to reduce mouse use.


Don’t Forget To Blink | Healthy Working Poster

Reduce the likelihood of suffering from dry eyes.


I support my legs and my legs support me | Healthy Working Poster

Help support your back by positioning your legs correctly.


If you’re dining, don’t go al-desko’ | Healthy Working Poster

Avoid fatigue and increase productivity by getting away from your desk.


Jump up and get down | Healthy Working Poster

Get away from your desk. Take a ten minute break every hour.


Keep Your Keyboard Close | Healthy Working Poster

Position your keyboard correctly to minimise the need to lean forwards or stretch to reach it.


Learn to love the letter L |
Healthy Working Poster

Maintain a neutral posture whilst working at your desk.


Look to the future |
Healthy Working Poster

Avoid eye strain by focussing on a distant object every 20 minutes.


Sitting comfortably? |
Healthy Working Poster

Adjust the backrest on your chair for the ideal sitting position.


stand up and be counted |
Healthy Working Poster

Stand up regularly to avoid poor posture and fatigue.


still feeling pain? |
Healthy Working Poster

Speak to your Health and Safety advisor if workstation adjustments haven’t helped alleivate your pain.


Choosing a bag

Handy hints and tips for choosing and using a school bag.


Teachers’ notes

A guide to understanding the impact of technology in our schools in causing poor postures.


Using a desktop

Handy hints for using a desktop computer.


Using a games console

Handy hints and tips for using a games console


Using a laptop

Handy hints and tips for using a laptop computer


Using a tablet

Handy hints and tips for using a tablet or smartphone

White Papers
What Are the Benefits and Challenges of Remote Working for Global Businesses?

What Are the Benefits and Challenges of Remote Working for Global Businesses?

A global health and safety guide to help manage the changes to our workforce after the pandemic.

Ergonomics Software - All You Need to Know About Choosing and Implementing the Right Solution for You

Ergonomics Software – All You Need to Know About Choosing and Implementing the Right Solution for You

A guide on choosing and implementing home and office ergonomics software for your organisation.


Time to Look Beyond Regulations

Looking beyond DSE regulations.


Directors’ Responsibilities

Health and safety in relation to property.



Understanding and reducing risk.


Effective Safety Leadership

Helping health and safety professionals to work more effectively within their organisations.


Environmental Due Diligence

Forewarned is forearmed.


Environmental Issues in Fleet Management

A white paper discussion document.


The Financial Benefit of Managing Work-Related Road Safety

Helping you understand the financial benefits that can result from an effective risk management programme.


Gain an Hour a Day

Practical solutions to help office-based employees work more efficiently and healthily.


Health & Safety Induction Training

Ensuring employees are competent to work safely.


Managing Ergonomics Risks in the Workplace

The ergonomic benefits to business.


Managing Fire Safety in Commercial and Residential Premises

Minimising losses / maximising business benefits / avoiding corporate and personal liability.


Managing Work-Related Road Safety

An insight into the requirement to identify and manage risks on the road.


Managing Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders

Minimising injuries and maximising business benefits.


Measuring the Safety Climate in Organisations

Reduce injuries and costs through cultural change.


Mental Health and the Workplace

Understanding and supporting employees.


New Technology Needs New Rules

The changing face of the office and the new challenges posed by how we work.


Preparing for the Ergonomics Tsunami

How to meet the biggest challenge of the millennial workforce.


Returns on investment in ergonomics

Payback on wellness programs; how much and how soon.


Safety for Homeworkers

The issues facing homeworkers and how to ensure their health, safety and welfare.


Technology on wheels

How to make the most of the latest automotive technology.


Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Latest fire safety research.


Underinsurance – The Issues

Understand more when it comes to underinsurance.


Cardinus Advisory Notice #1 – Electric Gates

Cardinus intends to put various Health and Safety advisory notices that may be pertinent to you.


Advisory Notice #2 – Insurance Rebuilding Valuations

Insurance Rebuilding Valuations and Underinsurance – What are the issues?


Cardinus Advisory Notice #3 – Inflation Review

This ‘Inflation Review’ is provided by our specialist team of consultants in addition to our Advisory Notice #2 Rebuilding Valuations.


Cardinus Advisory Notice # 4 – To include in your building sum insured or not….VAT is the question?

With VAT now at an all-time high, the potential for substantial underinsurance and reduction of claims, if you were to get your building sum insured wrong, should not be understated.


Advisory Notice #5 – Rebuilding Cost-Inflation Review

This ‘Inflation Review’ is provided by our specialist team of Consultants.


Cardinus Advisory Notice # 6 – Including VAT in your building sum insured

In Advisory Notice # 4 we provided guidance on this topic. We make no apology for repeating information and data, because we believe this to be such an important issue for our clients.

Product Brochures

Healthy Working: Award winning DSE software

Healthy Working is an award-winning e-learning and self-assessment solution. It will help you reduce administration, while improving productivity and reducing injury-related discomfort.


Healthy Working Evaluation

Healthy Working is an award-winning e-learning and self-assessment solution. It will help you reduce administration, while improving productivity and reducing injury-related discomfort.


Healthy Working Pathway

Healthy Working is an award-winning e-learning and self-assessment solution. It will help you reduce administration, while improving productivity and reducing injury-related discomfort.


DSE Managed Services

Business pressures often make it difficult to get financial commitment for a DSE programme to keep your employees safe and free from discomfort. But when the benefits of a good DSE programme are considered, this lack of support is hard to justify.


Smart Fleet Risk Solutions

Driving for work introduces a high level of risk to your organisation. The many and varied risks posed by at-work drivers require a diverse and flexible solution to reduce and manage them.


Healthy Working: Move

When allowing and encouraging our children to use new technology we also put them at risk. Children are using computers, tablets and smartphones in ways that would not be acceptable for adults in the workplace. These activities pose serious threats to long-term health.


Insurance Survey Services

Cardinus, part of the AmWins Group, is an established risk management company with over 20 years’ experience providing on-site services and in-house developed software solutions. Over 2,000 organisations use Cardinus services, with 2,000,000 end users of our software globally.


Property Risk Management

A survey solution that streamlines risk management and legislative responsibilities for property owners, managing agents, insurers and others with responsibility for property risk.


Safety Consultancy Services

Cardinus has experts in every area of health and safety management. Right now, all over the world, our consultants are helping large and small organisations to manage their health and safety policies and performance. Some of our big multi-national clients have their own in-house experts who value the specialist help that Cardinus gives them.


Safe Driving Plus

More people than ever are driving for work. New types of business and changes to the way we work mean that an increasing number of companies are exposed to occupational road risk. The behaviour of drivers on your behalf could represent a signicant threat to your company’s performance and reputation. Everyone driving for your business should be assessed and given training appropriate to their needs.


Operations Manual for Stadia

The “green guide” (Guide to Safety at Sport Grounds) sets out recommendations that applies to the safety of all people present at any sports ground that meets the above definition, whether or not a safety certificate is in force, during the course of an event.

Cardinus Risk Management has the expertise not only to help you write your operations manual, but more importantly, we can also help you implement the operations manual and train your teams.


Global Security Solutions

Our security division aims to cover the risks presented to assets and the workforce from the increasing work-related threats of lone wolf terrorism, safe travel (domestic and international) and lone working.


Safety E-Learning

The cost-effective way to manage your safety risk. Cardinus’ suite of e-learning courses offers a cost-effective and efficient way to support a powerful, results-driven risk management programme.

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