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    Fire Safety Research from Cardinus

    Fire Safety Risk Assessment Report: 

    In this report we look at data from 15,000 developments across England, Scotland and Wales to provide you with findings that help you with your own fire safety risk assessments. The fire risk findings shows percentage risk of the most common hazards, with fire doors providing the highest number of recommendations in assessments.

    We also provide you with much more detailed breakdowns of all assessments, showing data on issues such as fire stopping, maintenance issues, fire alarms and storage. This research is the perfect companion for the fire safety officer, providing them with quick access to the data they need.

    Here's what you can find in this white paper:

    • Government statistics on fire risk in 2015
    • Our own fire risk findings
    • Specific information on the most common hazards
    • Information on arson, fire escapes and other risks
    • How Cardinus can help you

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