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    Pokémon K.O. – The Latent Health Issues Behind the App

    Connect, Autumn/Winter 2016: Pokémon K.O.

    With the meteoric rise of Pokémon GO, the app that every kid, millennial and app player has been screeching over the whole summer, we decided that it was time we put our minds to the issue and looked at what underlying health risks there were. We’re also looking for a healthier way for our kids to play, and though there’s promise here, overuse can be extremely damaging. Read on to find out what risks there are when downloading the most popular app in the world.

    We also dive pretty deeply into the warm waters of remote working, with two articles on the subject. The first, from Ed Price and Sarah Tapley, looks into how we can help our employees form good habits when working outside of the office. The second, from Wayne Maynard, is a near-complete guide to everything you need to assess in your home office, from the lights to the flooring and much more! We’ve also got plenty of thinking on fleet risk, IT security, emergency planning and loads more.

    Articles include:

    • Pokémon K.O., Jon Abbott
    • Changing Habits, Growing Cultures, John Davidge
    • Forming Good Ergonomic Habits for the Mobile Worker, Ed Price and Sarah Tapley
    • ISO 45001, Andy Hawkes
    • Managing Safety for Telecommuters, Wayne Maynard
    • Treat Health Like it's Safety, Mark Preston
    • Driving Your Culture, John Davidge
    • What About Health?, Mark Preston
    • Oh My Aching Head, Donna DeFalco
    • Plus a whole bunch more

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