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Award-winning, DSE management program that supports organisations of all sizes to minimise their DSE compliance risk and maintain a healthy workforce.

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DSE Risk Management Software

Healthy Working uses a three-step process to reduce DSE risk and musculoskeletal disorders in all working environments.

eLearning and Self-Assessment

Home, office and hybrid workers will benefit from customisable eLearning, which targets their individual needs. Healthy Working includes engaging content and integrated self-assessments, which deliver measurable behaviour change.

Communication & Nudges

Healthy Working provides stretching exercises, smartphone applications and hot desking advice with real-time feedback and support. This ensures your DSE program addresses all challenges to musculoskeletal health in your organisation.

DSE Management Module

Your DSE team can use the PACE management module to resolve any outstanding risks that can’t be managed by the employee.

This ensures your interventions are targeted, appropriate and results-driven.

Healthy Working®

Healthy Working is the world’s most widely used DSE management solution. This award-winning program is delivered in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and provides results-driven DSE solutions. It is proven to improve employee productivity and reduce administration fees.

Healthy Working is modern software for modern workplaces. It is suitable for office, home and hybrid working so you can rest assured that employees receive the right support whatever their working environment.

The content within Healthy Working is fully customisable and can be tailored to create unique and branded experiences for employees. DSE assessments and eLearning can be adapted to address the challenges global organisations face such as different geographical regulations, insurance coverage, languages and cultural differences.

Healthy Working Pro

Healthy Working Pro is an all-in-one industrial ergonomics solution. It supports organisations in efficiently identifying, minimising and removing ergonomic risks that can affect employees working in industrial environments.

Injuries at work cost millions of production days each year. Healthy Working Pro ergonomics software speeds up the process of completing ergonomics assessments and the time required to produced actionable reports.

Healthy Working Pro enables the quick capture of assessment data onsite, as it is cloud based. Those completing risk assessments can capture image and text data via portable devices such as tablets – using one of the solution’s 15 cloud based globally recognised assessments.

Managed Ergonomics Services

With over 27 years of experience in risk management, we know managing an ergonomics program can be time-consuming and costly. For those who require support in managing their organisations ergonomics compliance we can provide a complete management solution.

We offer a suite of ergonomics services that deliver measurable results. All of our services are designed to mitigate risk at the earliest (and most cost-effective) opportunity.

Our managed ergonomics services can be tailored to suit your organisation and workforce needs – and can include eLearning and self-assessments, virtual assessments, onsite risk assessments, ergonomics assessor training, case management, bespoke ergonomics services for unusual environments and end-to-end complete solutions.

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