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    Stand Up for Your Life – Beating the Hazards of the Sedentary Office

    Connect, Winter/Spring 2017: Stand Up for Your Life

    With office-based work become the standard, and with UK office workers spending between 65% to 75% of their working days sitting, there has been a rise in the risk from associated diseases. In the lead article, FitBack’s Jonathan Daniel and Gareth Jones discuss how we can beat the hazards of the sedentary office with a range of tips and examples. In the modern sedentary office, you have to stand up for your life.

    We’ve also got an array of articles across the spectrum of risk management, from a real-life case study of the dangers of underinsurance, through to fostering a culture of safety within our fleets. Download the whole magazine for free by entering your details above.

    Articles include:

    • Beating the Hazards of the Sedentary Office, Jonathan Daniel and Gareth Jones
    • Employee Wellness Programmes, Andy Hawkes
    • Underestimating Underinsurance, Jamie Truscott
    • Inspiring Change, Nigel Heaton
    • Add-ons in Office Ergonomics, Meghan Kress
    • How to Effectively Manage the Total Cost of Risk, Andy Price
    • Memo to Humankind Managers, Ian Chong
    • Trends in Health and Safety Prosecution, Mark Preston
    • Potential Long Term Effects on Children from Daily Backpack Wearing, Dr Romina Ghassemi
    • How Technology has Become a 'Good Virus', Matthew Elson
    • Plus much, much more

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