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    What to Consider When Buying a School Bag

    Student guide to choosing a bag:

    In this short guide, we look at some issues you need to consider when buying any school bag. School bags are a hugely important part of any child’s school life but have the potential to seriously impact their musculoskeletal health. Children carry their books, equipment and lunches throughout the day, so it's important that they are comfortable and help to support a young person's growing spine.

    The most important consideration which is described in detail in our guide, is bag weight. Children should not be carrying more than 15% of their body weight, with the aim being 10% or less.

    How to understand how much your child's bag currently weights, considerations such as travel time to school, matching fashion trends and packing for safer lifting is all detailed within our handy, downloadable two-page guide.

    We also dig a little deeper too, and discuss the following:

    • Why single straps should sit across the body
    • How waist straps can be useful
    • Types of bags for different ways of travelling
    • How to calculate the correct weight of bag your child should carry
    • Useful pockets and zips every school bag needs

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