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    Help Children Combat the Damaging Effect of Technology Use

     Teacher’s Notes: The impact of tech on poor posture among children

    In this guide, designed for teachers, parents and children, our expert writers highlight a worrying trend of back and neck pain in young people and how we can help them to mitigate these effects. This guide covers both the symptoms of this new trend and how we can deal with them,

    Not only do are we told about the scale of the impending problem, but also what it means for children's growing bodies and how this will impact the workplace. But that's just the bad stuff. Importantly we giving lots of handy tips and tricks to improve posture and instill in young people the importance of good musculoskeletal health, especially around device use and technology use.

    Our contributors include Cardinus Director and respected ergonomics speaker Jon Abbot, Matt Birtles of the Health & Safety Laboratory and physiotherapist Lorna Taylor.

    Here's some top tips for children's back care:

    • Keep active, physical activity is essential for good back health
    • Keep bags balanced with heaviest items closest to the spine
    • Bend your knees when lifting
    • Think 'tall'. Be aware of your posture every day
    • Move around after sitting for more than 30 minutes

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