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    How to Save Yourself From Long-Term Back Pain When Using Desktop Computers

     Guidance for students: using a desktop

    By far the best place to use a computer is at a desk with an adjustable chair. This gives everyone the ability to set up the workstation for their own personal comfort, especially when using them for long periods of time. Even with the perfect seating position, there are several other workstation adjustments required to ensure the correct set up, so you can avoid negative impacts on your health. It can be very easy to slouch whilst working, so it is important to educate students on the correct posture when using technology.

    This is a helpful guide for parents and students for setting up a chair, desk and desktop computer station. The expert advice provided will enable you to increase your child’s comfort when they use a computer at a desk and to reduce the risk of forming bad habits that could lead to discomfort or injury in the future. The guide covers areas including how to position and use the equipment effectively, and how to set up your chair.

    Physically uncomfortable positions can over time negatively impact mental energy too, making it harder to complete tasks like problem solving, inspiration or calculations. Following the tips in this guide will ultimately reduce fatigue and strain on the neck, back, shoulders and legs – making your overall work output more productive.

    So what’s in the guide?

    • How to set up your chair correctly
    • How to sit at the desk
    • How to position your mouse and keyboard
    • How to position the monitor and find the perfect height
    • Other tips and tricks to improve posture

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