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How to Save Yourself From Long-Term Back Pain When Using Desktop Computers

 Guidance for students: using a desktop

By far the best place to use a computer is at a desk with an adjustable chair. This gives everyone the ability to set up the workstation for their own personal comfort. Even with the perfect seating position there are a number of adjustments required to ensure the workstation is set-up correctly. It is important for your child to have the correct posture when using technology.

This is a helpful guide for parents to setting up a chair, desk and desktop computer for your child to use. The advice provided will enable you to increase your child's comfort when they use a computer at a desk and to reduce the risk of forming bad habits that could lead to discomfort or injury in the future.

So what’s in the guide?

  • How to set up your chair correctly
  • How to sit at the desk
  • How to position your mouse and keyboard
  • How to position the monitor and find the perfect height
  • Other tips and tricks to reducing straight

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Check out our Healthy Working MOVE app, our e-learning course designed for young people that teaches you how to assess your own environment and stave off long-term back pain.

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