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    Don't Give Yourself Long-Term Back Pain by Playing Games

     Guidance for students: using a games console

    There is a wide variety of games consoles on the market and many different devices to use them with. It is vitally important for the long-term safety of your health to know how to use consoles safely and appropriately. This one page guide delivers exactly that, giving you the know-how and understanding to maintain your health when playing games.

    Not only does this guide cover various types of consoles and devices, but it also gives you an insight into various normal playing postures and how you can reduce the harm you might cause yourself.

    This guide covers the following:

    • Sitting properly on comfortable furniture
    • How to sit on the floor properly
    • Playing games while lying down
    • Playing and standing up
    • Games and activities that require physical movement

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    Check out our Healthy Working MOVE app, our e-learning course designed for young people that teaches you how to assess your own environment and stave off long-term back pain.

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