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    Reducing Physical Risk When Using your Tablet or Smartphone

    Using tablets: an ergonomic guide for students.

    Tablets and smartphones are ubiquitous now. However, there's very little advice or thought on how to use these safely. Prolonged use, it has shown, can cause discomfort and even long-term physical injury. That's why it's paramount that you mitigate these risks and look to reduce any chance of injury when using them.

    This guide covers a range of positions and offers advice on how best to sit and use your device in each of these positions, as well as how you should carry heavy items with you.

    This guide covers the following:

    • Using your devices at a desk
    • Using devices when sitting on a sofa
    • How to sit on the floor with your tablet or smartphone
    • How to use your devices when standing up
    • How to properly carry your devices

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