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    The Travel Issue – Talking Comfort, Safety and Training

    Connect, Issue 14: The Travel Issue

    In this issue-based edition of Cardinus Connect, we take new perspectives on travel safety, comfort and wellbeing. We begin with Donna DeFalco looking at 10 mindfulness ergonomics tips for travelling. Covering technology-blackouts to staying present and the ABC of mindfulness, Donna calmly guides us into new zones of travel relaxation.

    Jon Abbott discusses the state of the world and why organisations need to think more clearly about disaster recovery, or disaster management, plans. Taking lessons from business and beyond, Jon looks at how leaders can help shape recovery plans, and includes some tips to incorporate into your plans.

    Plus, we take a look at driver behaviour, sleep deprivation, the importance of training travelers, travel discomfort, information on the proposed Travel Safety Management ISO, self-care and streching for frequent travellers and a look at 25 years of Cardinus!

    Articles include:

    • Mindfulness Ergonomics for Traveling, Donna DeFalco
    • When Disaster Strikes, Jon Abbott
    • The Power of Sleep, Harry Bliss
    • Train the Traveler, Andy Neal
    • Taking the Discomfort Out of Travel, Nicholas Wujcik
    • Setting Stands for Travel Risk Management, Peter Kinselley
    • Driver Behaviour Trends, David Crangle
    • Self-Care and Stretches for Frequent Business Travelers, Kate DeMoss
    • Direction of Travel, Andy Hawkes

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