Security & Personal Safety Services

We provide a range of services to help organisations enhance the security and personal safety of their people.










Security & Personal Safety Services

Security and personal safety consultancy, auditing, training and software to minimise security risks and safeguard your people and assets from cybercrime, political unrest, terrorism, kidnapping and more.

Security Consultancy

Our security consultancy provides advice, guidance and expertise on all security risks, helping businesses to understand threats and develop effective policies and procedures.

Global Coverage

All our solutions can be delivered anywhere in the world, ensuring that your staff and assets are protected no matter where they are. With our global reach, we are well-placed to help you augment your security program.

Specialist Personnel

We utilise experienced and decorated security personnel, predominately ex-elite military and police, who have worked in some of the world’s most hostile environments.

Travel Safety Training

In an increasingly dangerous world, travelling for work should never be taken lightly – employees should be educated on a broad range of risk factors when venturing beyond their typical professional environment.

Our onsite corporate travel safety training, delivered by personal security experts, enhances risk awareness and teaches staff how to identify and manage hazards associated with both domestic and international travel.

We tailor our travel safety training program to meet the needs of your business and individual members of staff. Whether your people require compliance training, advice on managing international risk factors, or the skills to travel safely in hostile environments, our experts can deliver courses that prepare them for the world beyond business HQ.

Hostile Environment Training

Combining extensive theory learning with practical, high-stress simulations, our Hostile Environment Training programme prepares your employees to navigate potentially volatile environments safely.

Recruited from elite factions of the military and police, our decorated instructors draw upon a wealth of personal experience working in hostile environments to give your employees the tools they need to survive as they carry out their duties.

Core elements of this on and off-site training programme focus on threat awareness, kidnap avoidance and hostage rescue, but no aspect is entirely fixed — our course is tailored to reflect business and employee requirements.

Lone Working Training

Without colleagues to lend a hand in high-risk or emergency scenarios, lone workers are significantly more vulnerable than those who work within or around a team — our Lone Working training can minimise and mitigate the risk factors associated with solo working.

In this programme, employees learn to identify and manage personal risk factors and volatile situations, while businesses receive guidance on designing and implementing policies and procedures that reduce and remove these risk factors.

Shaped to suit the needs of your business and employees, this course addresses the hazards specific to your industry and workforce, ensuring you and the lone workers in your employ receive the most relevant training possible.

Conflict Management Training

Our Conflict Management training provides delegates with the heightened awareness required to identify indicators of escalating behaviour — and the skills required to defuse tensions, reduce aggression and minimise risk.

Highly flexible in nature, you can fine-tune this course to fill the gaps in your existing security programme. However, it can also help you to develop conflict management policies and procedures from scratch.

With both on and off-site options available, we can deliver essential training to entire workforces when and where they need it, granting your business comprehensive cover against risks and a reduction in conflict-derived lost time.

Behaviour Profiling Training

Our Behaviour Profiling training is all about individuals getting to know themselves and their colleagues better.

People are all unique, meaning we behave in particular ways and contribute differently within professional contexts — the key to optimising a workforce is to identify the ways in which each individual is unique, and then leverage these idiosyncrasies when assigning and working through tasks.

During this course, delegates are guided through the creation and enhancement of a unique profile that communicates who they are in the workplace. This information can be studied to understand how your people work best, who will work best with one another, and empower decision-makers to lead in an efficient and effective manner.

Security Consultancy

We offer an expert Security Consultancy service to help organisations build awareness around security risk identification and resolution. With the help of our highly qualified security specialists, you can develop security policies and procedures that protect both your business and employees to the highest degree.

Our consultancy service can operate at a level that suits you. We can offer expert advice, or get more involved. This can include anything from completing risk audits to helping you create new policies or guiding the implementation of a security programme.

We’re here to help you safeguard your business and fulfil your duty of care to your employees — whatever that process entails.

Security Auditing and Analysis

Through our comprehensive Security Auditing and Analysis service, we report on organisational and employee risks associated with your business and then present a clear path towards minimising and mitigating said risks.

Working with your team, our experienced security auditors review the risk profile of both your domestic and international employees and assess your organisation’s potential exposure to risk.

During this process of evaluation and analysis, we can help you build your understanding of business-wide security risks, meet compliance obligations, and eliminate security flaws before they cause any harm to members of staff or business operations.

Specialist Security Services

Our Specialist Security Services blend highly specific employer and employee training with our own emergency response and tactical solutions to ensure the safety of vulnerable parties in high-stakes scenarios. We can provide expert training to prepare for the possibility of evacuation, kidnapping and ransom scenarios, or, in emergency situations, deliver a more involved and practical solution.

In the event of an imminent evacuation, we can carry out rapid risk assessments to aid in the extraction, and in the event of a kidnapping, we can mobilise an expert team of negotiators to support the safe recovery of vulnerable persons.

Our Close Protection and Chauffeur services are purely hands-on security solutions. Cardinus supplies the security personnel with the skills required for the task at hand, ensuring your vulnerable employees have the support and protection they need to navigate the dangers ahead.


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