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    Know the Risks of Underinsurance

    Underinsurance: The Issues

    If you own a property or manage a property on someone’s behalf, the buildings that you are responsible will be a significant asset and an asset that warrants protection through insurance.

    Despite repeated warnings from insurance companies and insurance bodies, many properties remain at risk because they don’t have adequate insurance. In 2015, research from Zurich Insurance reported that up to 80% of commercial properties could be underinsured by up to 60%.

    Here’s what we’ve got for you in our white paper:

    • The implications of underinsurance
    • How property becomes underinsured
    • Considerations regarding VAT
    • How to ensure you have adequate insurance for a property
    • Statistics gathered from a number of sources

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    Worried about underinsurance?

    If you’re worried that your assets could be underinsured we offer reinstatement cost assessments, fully assessing your buildings and providing a valuation that ensures you’re covered.

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