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    Equality Legislation and the Workplace

    Discrimination in the workplace: 

    In a highly competitive market, advantage is often gained by reacting quickly to change. Flexibility and clarity of arrangements and processes, inclusive design and service and a well-trained workforce ready to react: these are the elements that will enable your business to be successful and build a diverse and inclusive organisation.

    In this white paper we go through the major equality and discrimination legislation, how that impacts organisations, the costs of not meeting your responsibilities and how to identify and eliminate risks. This includes protected characteristics of the legislation, including age, disability, pregnancy and maternity, race, sexual orientation and more.

    Here's what this free white paper covers:

    • The Equality Act 2010
    • Protected Characteristics of the Equality Act
    • How the legalisation actually affects your organisation
    • Discrimination
    • The costs of failure
    • How to identify and eliminate risks
    • UKCAE Pathway and individual responsibilties

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