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    Health and Safety Leadership

     Effective health and safety leadership:

    The key to successful health and safety leadership is influence, not authority. While many safety practitioners are able to influence managers, there are a few who are able to assert the same level of influence over safety executives. For this reason, many safety initiatives fail to secure funding so organisations continue to face significant risk.

    In this guide, written by Cardinus' Managing Director Jon Abbott, Cardinus' Head of Health and Safety Consultancy Barry Holt and Royal Mail Group's Group Head of Safety Keith Scott, the discussion is on effective safety leadership, including what that means, how to plan, how to manage change, how to communicate and much more.

    The guide to what's in this white paper:

    • Leadership versus management
    • Health and safety leadership
    • Organisational structure
    • Strategic planning
    • Financial planning
    • Change management, communication and what you can do for your organisation

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