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    Research into Environmental Issues in Fleet Management.

     Climate change, fuel prices and other factors:

    Climate change, environmental factors and oil prices have become a contentious issue in the fleet industry. With that in mind we wanted to present an extensive, coherent and valuable document that looks at these environmental issues to help you when planning your fleet environmental strategy.

    We have brought together the latest studies and intelligence from a wide variety of sources, such as from EU reports, the King Review into climate change, the New Car CO2 report 2009 and internal sources. Marcus also includes a valuable action plan template that will help you determinate the financial benefits of an environment strategy, and his top ten tips for green fleet management.

    Here's what you can find in this white paper:

    • The current situation in the motor industry
    • The market background
    • The environmental factors
    • Tech options and availability
    • Fuel options
    • C02 and the motor industry, and plenty more

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