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    Managing the Ergonomics Risks in the Workplace

     Ergonomic Risks in the Workplace:

    We've been supplying DSE and ergonomic solutions to many of the world's largest organisations for over 20 years, and during this time we have collected many articles and pieces of interest to help support health and safety managers secure their ergonomic programmes. This white paper is a collection of those articles and will help the reader in viewing ergonomics through differing perspectives.

    If you need support for securing a budget for a safety or ergonomics programme, then this document is for you. Within it Barry Holt has collected many powerful and insightful resources and case studies that paint a compelling and vital picture for any health and safety manager.

    Here's what you can find in this white paper:

    • A background to ergonomic risks in the workplace
    • Work-related upper limb disorders (WRULD)
    • Legal requirements relating to WRULDs
    • Case law relating to WRULDs
    • The business cost of WRULDs and much more

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