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    The Modern Office Meets New Challenges

    New technology needs new rules:

    The speed of technological development has quickened and, while this new technology can help improve productivity, there seems scant regard for how workers are responding to new technology in terms of comfort. Research into the impact of such technology and environmental changes has been limited, however, with access to academics and practitioners around the world we've managed to bring together the best guidance and advice to help you in the workplace.

    This white paper aims at providing you with the hands on practical guidance you need to implement your DSE programme during this continued period of change to the way your employees work, particular with concern to technological and behavioural trends.

    Here's what you can find in this white paper:

    • The background to this change
    • Work-related upper limb disorders
    • Technological trends
    • Behavioural trends
    • How Cardinus can help you

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    Looking for a program that can help to meet your challenges? Healthy Working is our latest DSE software that's flexible enough to meet all the changes you've faced recently to the way people work. In fact, we think it's pretty revolutionary. Why not book a free test for up to 5% of your workforce?

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