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    Poor Posture, Millennials and the Workplace

     Preparing for the ergonomics tsunami:

    The latest data from the USA, Europe and Australia points to a worrying rise in the occurrence of musculoskeletal symptoms in children as young as six. If we fail to deal with these early warning signs, by the time these children of the new millennium enter the workplace, the cost to industry and society will be massive.

    This white paper looks at how we can educate young people and employers in understanding and managing this risk while also underlining the gravity of this situation. Written by Nigel Heaton (Human Applications) and Guy Osmond (Osmond Ergonomics), this white paper hopes to change attitudes before it becomes a major problem.

    Here's what you can find in this white paper:

    • The evidence
    • Changing attitudes
    • Entering the world of work
    • The solutions
    • How Cardinus can help you

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