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    Our Guide to the Benefits and Challenges of Remote Working for Global Businesses

    What Are the Benefits and Challenges of Remote Working for Global Businesses?

    Since March 2020, we have been immersed in remote working and now understand many of the challenges and issues that it brings about. As we come out of the pandemic, most organizations are planning on keeping those changes or at least adopting new working practices.

    This paper outlines what organizations now need to consider so that their employees are able to work remotely in a safe manner, especially as you may be moving away from the traditional 'office' as the primary workspace.

    Key sections include:

    What is a Remote Worker?
    Legal Context
    Employers Duty of Care
    How Effective is the Health and Safety Regulations
    Advantages of Remote Working
    Mental Health
    Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders
    Remote Working and Sustainability
    Government Responses to COVID-19
    Home-Working – Perception and Reality
    Duty of Care Vs. Government Guidance
    Remote Working Beyond the Pandemic
    Conclusions and Recommendations

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