Make Hybrid Working,
Healthy Working

Healthy Working® is a flexible ergonomics program, which ensures every individual receives support they need, wherever they work, whatever they do. 

cardinus-icon-round Introducing Cardinus

Cardinus Risk Management is a leading health, safety and risk management specialist offering online and on-site solutions for all areas of your business.

We’ve helped millions of workers like yours proactively prevent injuries caused by poor engagement with their workstation.

Our flagship product, Healthy Working®, is used by over 2,000 organizations who utilize the program to reduce injuries, improve productivity and to comply with regulation.

Now, after 25 years of providing organizations in energy, finance, pharmaceuticals, utilities and many more, we’ve expanded our services to provide customized solutions with safety and security consultancy and a comprehensive suite of e-learning.

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Home and Office Ergonomics E-Learning Software

Protect your employees with our award-winning office ergonomics program, Healthy Working. Healthy Working now works harder to support home, office and returning workers with targeted content and risk assessments.

Industrial Ergonomics Software

Injury at work costs millions of production days each year. The majority of lost days come from ergonomics injuries. Healthy Working Pro supports consultants and in-house ergonomists by streamlining data capture, reporting and analysis.

Security Consultancy

Organizations and their employees face myriad risks from cyber and political unrest to terrorism and kidnap and ransom. We work in close partnership with commercial, governmental and not-for-profit organizations to protect employees globally.