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    A Detailed Guide and Employee Handout

    Fleet manager resource pack:

    The first section is specifically designed for the fleet manager and outlines the areas of legislation that directly affects you. Within it we've got an individual fact sheet for each subject area and a sample risk assessment form that can be adapted for your requirements.

    The second section can be readily branded for your own business and its employees – if you need assistance with this, do not hesitate to get in touch. The section covers a broad range of fleet safety areas, such as what to do after an accident, breakdown procedures, driving in snow and ice and combating fatigue at the wheel.

    Here's what's inside:

    • How to complete a risk assessment
    • The legislation you need to know
    • Medication and driving
    • Save loading of your vehicle
    • Anti-lock braking systems (ABS)
    • Vehicle maintenance
    • And a great deal more

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