In-vehicle Driver Awareness Training

Reduce the risk to your fleet with in-vehicle driver awareness training sessions. These sessions are the most effective way to reduce driver-related collisions and incidents. We can now provide this training in a COVID-safe environment.

In-vehicle Driver Awareness Training

Reduce Incidents and Save Lives, Money and Your Reputation

In-vehicle driver awareness training reduces the risk of injury and can save lives but it also benefits in other ways, such as in reduced fuel costs. Additionally, what affect would a vehicle or driver being unavailable following an incident have and what would being involved in an accident do for your organisation’s reputation? Train your high risk employees and realise the multiple benefits safer drivers bring.

In-vehicle driver awareness training: any vehicle, anywhere in the country

We deliver in-vehicle car, van, truck, motorcycle and blue light training for hundreds of organisations and thousands of drivers every year. We have over 60 highly qualified driver trainers based all over the UK ready to help make your drivers safer on the road.

Flexible driver awareness training to meet your needs

Whether you’re using us as part of a larger fleet risk management solution or if it’s a single service, our in-vehicle driver awareness training adapts to meet your needs. Risk assessment, claims and telematics data provide insight into where a driver needs help and our trainers adapt each session to address the individual driver’s areas for improvement. Your driver awareness training sessions will also reflect your organisation’s safe driving policy and procedures.

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