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    The New Work Landscape

    Time to look beyond the regulations: 

    The last time major DSE guidance was updated was in 2002, however since that time technology and the way we use technology has changed dramatically. Because of this, not only has our personal use of technology changed, but our offices have changed too. From hot desking and open plan offices, to tablet and mobile use and the rise of the flexible worker, the way we work is much different from 2002. This has brought much flexibility to the way we work, but it has also brought new risks.

    Work-related disorders have risen too, including De Quervain syndrome, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tenosynovitis and more. All of these are related to posture or repetitive movements associated with work. Understanding how to mitigate these risks is vital to helping staff avoid such long-term injuries.

    This white paper covers the following:

    • Recent changes in the workplace and triggers for change
    • Our new work landscape
    • Why we have to look beyond the regulations
    • Work-related upper limb disorders
    • How to approach the problems
    • Looking to the future of risk

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