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    Helpful Tips to Avoid Liability Through Effective Management

    Managing fire safety in commercial and residential properties:

    This white paper has two major aims. The first is to teach you to understand the risk of fire and how exposed we are to it, while enabling you to more effectively manage that risk. The second aim is to help you view claims objectively and provide different perspectives on how fire safety can be 'marketed' to management, employees, tenants and others responsible for the ownership or management of commercial or residential properties.

    Barry Holt, Head of Health and Safety Consultancy at Cardinus, has brought this document together with his vast experience and knowledge in the industry. Drawing on legal documents, case studies and other evidence, this document is everything you need to start improving your fire safety management.

    Here's what you can find in this white paper:

    • The main causes of fire
    • The legal requirements relating to fire safety
    • The cost of fire to UK business
    • How to manage and minimise costs
    • How to get management buy-in
    • The economic benefits of a good fire safety programme

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