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    The Financial, Moral and Legal Benefits of Fleet Risk Management

    Three core benefits of sound fleet management: 

    With authors including John Davidge (Head of Fleet Technical) and Dave Abbot (Technical and Consultancy), this white paper looks at how fleet managers can benefit from an effective work-related road safety programme with experience gathered over years and years of work in the industry.

    With such experience and with a great deal of research, we have identified three clear and valid reasons that business should look closely at a work-related road safety programme. These are the moral obligations of any business to avoid accidents, the legal requirements around health and safety legislation and the significant financial cost benefits associated with these risks and a reduction in costs.

    Here's what you can find in this white paper:

    • The cause of road incidents
    • How to control the costs
    • Case studies on road risk programmes
    • Road safety and the statistics
    • Health and safety legislation
    • Risk management and much more

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