Fleet Risk

Cardinus provides an end-to-end fleet risk management solution incorporating software, in vehicle driver awareness training, classroom training, fleet risk audits and consultancy, licence checking and much more. All of our services can be bespoked to meet specialist needs.

Fleet Risk Audit Tool

Fleet Risk Audit Tool

We provide everything you need to manage your occupational road risk. Fleet risk management from Cardinus is an effective way to reduce your organisations occupational road risk.

Click on the button below to complete our free online fleet risk audit to find out where you can improve your organisations fleet safety.

Driver Risk Assessment & E-learning

Driver Risk Assessment and E-Learning

Safe Driving Plus consists of a driver risk assessment to identify drivers requiring help and online training to raise awareness of fleet safety with your organisations driving population.

In-vehicle Driver Awareness Training

In-Vehicle Awareness Training

A range of driver awareness training course for all different types and classes of vehicles. The most effect way to train drivers and reduce fleet risk.

Licence and Document Checking

Licence and document checking

Fleet Risk Management starts with carrying out the appropriate checks on your drivers to ensure they are legally able to drive on business.

Fleet Risk Management Services

Fleet Risk Management Services

Consultancy services to ensure the management of your fleet risk is suitably addressed. We review policy documents, train your fleet managers and audit your organisations overall fleet safety.

Fleet Risk In Depth

If your organisation has employees that drive as part of their work responsibilities then you have a legal and morale obligation to manage your fleet risk. Better, safer drivers also save your business significant money on insurance and claims costs along with reduced fuel costs.

Cardinus have been providing fleet risk management solutions for over 15 years. Our UK wide network of qualified trainers deliver over 6000 in vehicle driver awareness training sessions every year for hundreds of organisations, large and small.

Our online e-learning and driver risk assessment software and our drivers licence checking service is a fantastic and cost effective way of introducing fleet risk management into your business. Easily deliverable to all drivers with minimal disruption.

Whether your implementing a full fleet risk management programme or need to fulfill a specific need Cardinus can help.