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  • The most advanced DSE software available. Protecting your staff and your organisation.

    The system of choice for many of the world's leading organisations, government departments and unions. Ask how we improve compliance and productivity while reducing discomfort and injuries. (Read more)

  • Support to make your fleet safer and more efficient

    Designed to help you meet your legal obligations to anyone who drives on company business and reduce your organisations insurance costs. (Read more)

  • Manage your corporate risk and maximise business opportunities.

    A complete enterprise risk management solution so that all operational and strategic risk can be recorded, evaluated and controlled. (Read more)

  • Be confident in our Fire Risk Assessment services.

    Cardinus has been granted Certification in accordance with the new BAFE SP205 scheme for organisations that provide Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments. (Read more)

Cardinus is a leading health, safety and risk management specialist offering a range of solutions for all areas of your business.

Thousands of organisations across the globe use Cardinus to reduce work related discomfort, accidents and injury, increase employee productivity and comply with legislation. Our range of services includes:  

  • DSE training and risk assessment software solutions
  • Driver safety and fleet risk management
  • Property risk management  surveys and audits
  • Health & safety e-learning, onsite training, managed services and consultancy
  • Enterprise risk management for all types of business risk
  • Environmental training and consultancy

A key to our customer’s success is that Cardinus offer a complete range of solutions for all your risk management requirements.


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