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Healthy Working, the world’s leading DSE training e-learning and risk assessment software, developed through a unique partnership between Cardinus and the Health & Safety Laboratory.

The DSE Solution of Choice for the World’s Largest Organisations

Healthy working DSE training

Healthy Working is an award-winning DSE training and self-assessment solution. It reduces administration, while improving productivity and reducing injury-related discomfort. The partnership between Cardinus and the Health & Safety Laboratory has resulted in many features unique to Healthy Working that will truly revolutionise the way you achieve DSE compliance.

IIRSM Approved Course

Why choose Healthy Working DSE training by Cardinus?

  • Cardinus and the Health & Safety Laboratory working together to deliver cutting edge ergonomics advice and technology
  • A solution you can trust; the world’s most popular DSE software with 2,000,000 end users
  • Built with the benefit of over 20 years of success providing DSE training and risk assessment.
  • All modern office technology, working practices and environments catered for
  • Full authoring capabilities making content even more specific to your organisation
  • Multi-language capabilities for a truly global roll-out

Going beyond the DSE regulations to be truly relevant for the modern DSE user

Healthy Working delivers e-learning training that is tailored to the needs of each individual employee through a number of variants:

  • Desktop computer user
  • Laptop computer user
  • Combined desktop and laptop user
  • Tablet user
  • Laboratory ergonomics
  • Student/young person
  • DSE Assessor

Where needed, each variant addresses further user requirements by including content for expectant and new mothers, dual monitor users, multiple monitor users, smart phone use and more.

Tried and tested by thousands of organisations

We encourage every organisation considering Healthy Working to trial it free of charge before they make a final decision. We survey every trial participant for their feedback and the results are impressive:


98% of users consider Healthy Working an effective solution.


99% of users feel that Healthy Working is easy to use.


90% of users are more likely to adjust their workstation after completing Healthy Working if they experience discomfort.


100% of users feel that Healthy Working is easy to understand.

Packed with the very best features

Healthy Working acts to help you manage your DSE risk assessment process in as efficient way as possible when you have responsibility for the ergonomic wellbeing of a large number of employees as well as compliance with Display Screen Equipment regulations.

Healthy Working includes many features to streamline the DSE risk management process such as:

  • Automated email communication to help you roll-out and remind employees when their DSE training and risk assessment is due
  • User risk resolution so that users have immediate answers to the issues they can fix themselves and your DSE assessor team not only have a reduced workload but can concentrate on the issues and users that really need their specialist attention
  • Employee and item risk prioritisation so that the remaining DSE risk assessment issues are easy for your team to identify and action
  • In depth, flexible management reporting to enable you to identify the gaps in your DSE compliance process and apply resources where they’re needed

Find out more about Healthy Working, our DSE training solution

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